Kiteboarding lessons

Lets get you up on that board

Our primary goal is to help reduce the frustration of learning kiteboarding while accelerating the learning curve. All of momokiteboarding's lessons offer one-on-one instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. This proven formula allows instructors to tailor each kiteboarding lesson to individual learning rates and needs. As a result our students become independent kiteboarders more quickly and safely.

You will be taught all of the maneuvers, skills, and technical knowledge needed to become an expert kite surfer. Familiarize yourself with the essential lessons and techniques of how to kitesurf and understand the ins and outs of the sport, so you can have a safe and enjoyable kitesurfing experience.

Our school works under the IKO standards (IKO: International Kite boarding Organization), so all of our instructors are internationally certified instructors and will help you get started in a very safe environment.
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Basic I:
Theory, kitehandling, relaunch, bodydrag and lift on the board.
2-4 people, 8 hours (2-3 days), includes equipment during teaching.
Basic I: €345 per person.
Basic II:
Theory, kitehandling, relaunch, bodydrag and lift on the board as in BASIC I, but more intensive.
Includes equipment during teaching.
2-4 people, 12 hours (3-4 days), includes equipment during teaching.
Basic II: €475 per person.
We recommend the Refresher course to kiters who haven`t kitesurfed for a while.
2–4 people, 4 hours, includes equipment during teaching.
Refresher: €260 per person.
Your own 1:1 coach. Learn the basics, moves, or advanced professional tricks at your personal pace.
1 person, 1 hour: €79
2 people, 1 hour: €65 per person.

IKO certification test:
For those who can already kitesurf but need an assessment for their IKO license.
1 person, 1 hour: €60